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mix desire studio

Online mixing and mastering.

Providing professional mixdown services for the music industry.


Put on your headphones and listen to some mixes.

A Simple Advantage

After all the hard work put into your recording, having a pro with fresh ears get it to perfection is a huge benefit. Your track will be ready for release upon completion.

Well Balanced

We will make your music crystal clear. The individual tracks will blend with one another without over-lapping frequencies.

Final Product 

Great sounding HD digital mastering is included with the mixdown, or we can send the final track to the mastering house of your choice.

Working with you

To ensure that the project meets your expectations, we suggest having a conversation with us, either by phone or email, to share your vision, goals and preferences. You can also send us some links to reference songs that reflect the sound you want to achieve.

7 days a week

We're here for you

The mixing process usually takes 2 days for most projects. However, the time and cost may vary depending on the number and quality of your tracks. The pricing below is an estimate. After we receive your tracks, we will send you a detailed quote with a payment link.

You will always have the opportunity to request a revision once the mix is done.

We bring innovation & technology

At Mix Desire Studio, we combine digital plugins and analogue hardware to create a unique mixing style. We work with the latest equipment from Solid State Logic, Eventide, API and Lexicon, and we re-clock our audio interface for a smoother, sharper sound and pass signal through output transformers to add depth.


16 mix & master



Average cost for this service

 16 stereo or mono tracks,

 takes two days to complete.

Premium 32 mix & master



Average cost for this service

up to 32 stereo or mono tracks,

 takes three days to complete.

Pro Mastering

Done on SSL analogue/digital hybrid system $50. per song

same day turnaround

If you're in the Scranton, PA area come record with me. I specialize in Rock, Metal and Indie Pop. Visit my local studio, link is here:

Contact Information

Find us:  Scranton, PA 18411 USA

Email:  johnkutkowski@gmail.com

Phone: 1-570-483-8393