Artist Works / Mix Desire Studio

Audio Recording, Mixing & Mastering in Scranton, Pennsylvania area.

Are you in search of the services provided by a highly accomplished recording engineer from New York City with a Grammy-nominated background? With an extensive career spanning over two decades in the industry, I possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise that I bring to bear on every project entrusted to my care. From the initial recording phases, through the processes of mixing and mastering, all the way to the moment of release, my services are meticulously tailored to the highest standards of excellence.

I am pleased to offer complimentary consultations, during which we can engage in a comprehensive discussion to discern your precise requirements and pave the way for the successful realization of your project. Should you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, please feel free to contact me. I am reachable at 1-570-483-8393 between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. Your project's success is my utmost priority, and I look forward to the opportunity of contributing to its excellence.

Placing a distinct focus on the captivating domains of Rock, Metal, and Indie Electronic & Pop, my specialized proficiency is rooted in the mastery of recording technology and the intricate nuances of genre-specific mixing. I hold an academic degree from 5-Towns College of Music on Long Island, attesting to my comprehensive grounding in this field.  

Within the expansive realm of music production, my profound knowledge of composition and arrangement stands as a cornerstone of my expertise. This asset empowers me to provide discerning insights that inevitably elevate the caliber of your recorded project, setting it on a trajectory of excellence.