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About Me

John Kutkowski

Owner, Artist Works Recording, Mix Desire Studio

Recording Engineer & Composer

Born in the year "The Beatles" invaded America, my passion for music and sound has been a driving force throughout my life. I pursued my studies in Business Management and Audio Technology at the Five-Towns College of Music in New York, graduating in 1985.

Subsequently, I embarked on a musical journey as the lead guitarist for the hard-rock band "Lace," touring the West Coast for an exhilarating two years. Our talent caught the attention of record labels, leading us to sign a deal and record an album at Avalanche Recording in Denver, Colorado. Jimmy Waldo acted as producer (former keyboard player from Yngwie Malmsteen's Alcatraz).

Upon returning to Long Island, NY, I established my own studio, Underground Recording. Working closely with Rock, New Wave, Punk, and early Metal bands, I had the privilege of owning a rare Fairlight Recording System, a renowned early sampling synthesizer recording system used by Peter Gabriel. This unique setup attracted notable artists such as The Go Go's and Steven Halpern, the Grammy-winning pioneer of New Age music, now called "Ambient Music" which I acted as recording engineer and midi programmer on two very successful albums.

Additionally, I ventured into commercial projects, collaborating with Alphasonics International, one of the pioneering subliminal technology companies. In 1987, I played a significant role in creating their first subliminal tapes, which continue to be successful to this day.

Presently, I reside in the picturesque and snowy region of Northern Pennsylvania, near Scranton. Here, I established a local studio called Artist Works Recording, where I have been passionately recording a wide range of musical genres since 2014. Each year, I produce approximately 5-6 albums, thoroughly enjoying what I do. Now, I am thrilled to extend my skills and services to you online through Mix Desire Studio.

Below are some personal projects I wrote, recorded or played guitar on.